Xie's Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

18 November, 2013

Xie’s Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4!


Includes default farming content.

Xie's Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2

28 July, 2013

I managed to hack out an updated version of my mod for Minecraft 1.6.2!


It took me a little longer than expected, though it was a relatively easy update - super easy compared to 1.5! But I had some deployment issues, and it took me a little while to figure out what to do with textures, but I got it sorted out. We still have to unzip the download into the ./mods/ directory, it’d be nice to just copy in a zip or jar file, but there’s a bit more work I’ll have to do to get there.

Includes default farming content.

Xie's Mod for Minecraft 1.5.x

3 June, 2013

It’s finally done! A version of Xie’s Mod for Minecraft 1.5.x!


This is a hacked together update of my previous version (Xie’s Mod v2.0 is still a work in progress, but this should tide us over for the time being). It still contains a couple of bugs (see below for a list that I will try to keep updated as bugs are discovered/fixed, hopefully more of the latter than the former!)

Almost have an update

26 May, 2013

Happy Memorial Day weekend, for those of you in the US! Long weekends are great. I’ve actually managed to get some work done.

Turns out rebuilding my mod from scratch takes awhile (who’d have thought), so earlier today I took a break from “Xie’s Mod 2.0” (gotta think of a better name for it) and hacked out a 1.5.x update for the old version. I’ve finished coding it, but it’s buggy. No promises, but I hope to get it into releasable shape soon.

Rethinking fruit trees

5 May, 2013

Yes, still working on Xie’s Mod v2 (I really need to come up with a better name for my mod :P), but while I’m at it I’ve been wondering what to do about fruit trees. I’m not completely happy with having to demolish your orchards in order to get fruit from them if you’re starving. I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile, and over time I’ve gotten some great ideas from mod users.

Xie's Mod v2 Status Update

28 April, 2013

Refactoring is a slippery slope. You start by overhauling one entire section of code, and before you know it you’re rebuilding almost everything… What started out as a simple update has turned into a code masacre, as I discover more and more rubbish code that I wrote years ago and loathe beyond reason.

So it is with mixed feelings that I announce Xie’s Mod v2.0! Coming soon… er or later :P

Elbow deep in code

21 April, 2013

Quick update on the update to Minecraft 1.5! Things are going well, actually managed to clock some decent hours this weekend. I’ve finished rebuilding my mod’s texture manager (well, mostly :P), but there’s a bunch of refactoring I need to do to make the rest of the mod play nice with it.

Xie's mod still broken

16 April, 2013

Xie’s mod is still broken, but I’m working on it, I promise! I should have an update this weekend, or by the end of the month at the very latest. Apologies for the extended delay. The mod isn’t dead (yet :3), just in a bit of a… slow patch.

Xie's Mod on temporary hiatus

23 March, 2013

Due to a family emergency I will be returning to Australia for 2 weeks, and will likely be too busy to finish the update to Minecraft 1.5. I’ll do it when I get back in early April. My sincerest apologies.

Updating to Minecraft 1.5...

17 March, 2013

Updating to Minecraft 1.5

… is a work in progress, and probably gonna take another week.

While I admit that the biggest reason this update is taking so long is because I play a lot of video games (cough StarCraft II), this update is quite a bit more complex than previous ones, because of the changes that have been made to how Minecraft handles textures.

Nether Crops (Thing a Week #3)

25 February, 2013

Download nether_crops.zip

I’ve been wanting to add some Nether crops to the game since Nether Wart was introduced, but never quite got around to beating out a decent design. So call this an experiment! This content pack adds three new plants - blaze trees, zombie pigmelons, and glowberry bushes. None of them spawn naturally, they must be crafted!

Some bug fixes

24 February, 2013

Download Xie’s Mod

For Minecraft 1.4.7


  • Some recipe fixes
  • Added support for explosion resistance
  • More refactoring

Finally an update!

19 February, 2013

Download Xie’s Mod

For Minecraft 1.4.7

New default content

New Default Content

Compliments of Cylan, the default content has undergone a structural and visual overhaul!

Cheese Please! (Thing a Week #2)

10 February, 2013

Download cheese.zip


Way back when I made Xie’s Cooking Mod I added cheese to Minecraft. The mod added a “stove” block that let you “cook” food by adding items sequentially to the stove. Cheese was made by cooking milk on the stove and adding a yellow flower… While I have been meaning to update the old stove mod, here’s a different method of making cheese in the meantime!

Weapons Mod

4 February, 2013

Download weapons.zip

This content was made to demo custom weapon support, and adds 3 new swords and 3 new bows to the game. Namely, bone sword, glass sword, blaze sword, bone bow, blaze bow and redstone crossbow.

Fixing Melons (Thing a Week #1)

3 February, 2013

Download MelonOverride.xie

Melons Old and New

For the first “Thing a Week” I want to start small, with a tiny tweak for vanilla melons. Way back in the Minecraft Beta, long before melons found their way into vanilla Minecraft, I had added watermelons to the game in my farming mod. I of course removed them when vanilla melons were added.

Default content overhaul

30 January, 2013

Currently undergoing a major overhaul of the mod’s default content, because it’s been too long since I last did. A while back Cylan revised the default content, making it more modular for ease of enabling/disabling content, available for download as “Cylan’s New Default Content”. I liked what he did, so I’m working the two together (though taking care to maintain the identifiers so you won’t have to edit your IDs).

Thing a week

29 January, 2013

So I’ve been thinking I should start doing a Thing a Week (like Jonathan Coulton, but with modding, and much less awesome - Glee will never try to steal anything I create :3). Basically every weekend I’ll try to release a new content pack, large or small, whatever I’ve managed to whip up during that week. It’s a way to keep me making stuff, even when there’s some hardcore debugging or refactoring that I should be doing instead.

Well it seems like a good idea, we’ll have to see if it goes anywhere! XD

Xie's Mod has a new home

27 January, 2013

Welcome to XieCraft, the new home of Xie’s mods! Two years ago today I released my first Mineraft mod (for those who don’t remember it was a hunger mod ^_^), so I thought I’d commemorate this anniversary of sorts by building a website to host my mod, instead of continuing to burden the Minecraft forum. Not to say I won’t be monitoring my old forum thread - feel free to keep posting bug reports and feedback there, at least for the time being ;)

Happy Australia Day

26 January, 2013

Possibly the coldest I’ve ever experienced seeing as how I was in Washington DC. While we have had a relatively mild winter this year, it’s still a rather stark contrast with the sweltering heat of a Brisbane summer that I’m used to. Not complaining, mind you - Brisbane can keep its humidity! I would’ve liked to have had a good ole Aussie BBQ though. Instead I had to settle for a Tim Tam slam. Life can be tough like that sometimes.